BTB Category IA

IF Joy
Inside Joy

Inside IA - Mid Ship

Located on higher decks near the fun, these staterooms feature two lower beds that convert to a queen-size bed and some feature additional bedding for up to one guest. Some connect.

  • Accommodates: 2-3

  • Total Approx. Size: 135 - 201 sq. ft.

DECK(S)9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15


Cruise Rate: $1279.00

Drinks: FREE ($700.00 per person Free Value)

Meals: FREE

Take all amenities: FREE (Wifi, Excursion credits, and 2 Meal Specialty Dining).

Drink Gratuity: $138.60

Specialty Dining Gratuity: $15.80

Taxes, Fees, and Port Expenses: $203.36

3rd & 4th Guests Cruise Rate: FREE

Event Ticket: FREE

Price Breakdown:

TOTAL: $1636.76