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Beach Boys Tribute

The Landsharks are one of the most well-known, well-liked, and in-demand bands in the country. They have also performed throughout the world in thousands of concerts and shows! The Landsharks have appeared with Jimmy Buffett in Key West, and at Margaritaville. They have also opened up for The Beach Boys, in concert! The Landsharks have performed at The Super Bowl, played at over 100 shows at Disney, and Universal Studios, and played for the troops, overseas, many times!


Donny Brewer And The Dock Rockers

Award-winning artist Donny Brewer has been around the music scene for years. From his teens in Rock bands, to leaving art education to go touring in Country bands until family life came calling and he settled back down in Texas to run his own studio.
In all that time playing Rock, Country and Blues though he never really got a chance, or had the inclination, to pursue the Island side of things. Now after two successful albums, Donny Brings his Trop Rock attitude to the Five O'Clock Cruise latitude.


Jimmy Buffett Tribute

It wouldn't be a Five O'Clock Cruise without a night full of nothing but Jimmy Buffett Music. The Landsharks return for a third year to help you find that lost shaker of Salt. 


Pirate Dance Party

Usually held on the last night of the cruise, the Pirate Dance Party is always a big hit. Who does not want to get dressed up like a pirate while in the Caribbean and drink rum? Music from the 80's through today. This is always our night of big give-a-ways and prizes. Arrr!


Jerry Diaz & Hannah's Reef

Jerry Diaz is a songwriter, solo performer, and founder of the band "Hanna's Reef". The son of a merchant marine (R.L. Diaz) from the coast of Venezuela, and an artist (Irene Rivera) from Mexico, Diaz has both the nautical spirit and the gypsy flair running through his veins. Born and raised on the upper Texas coast, Jerry gives listeners a glimpse of the coastal lifestyle in just about every song he writes. From songs about Key West, Florida, to songs about New Orleans, and the Texas beach towns that he's grown up in, Diaz takes you on a musical journey of  boats, beaches, and bars.


Thom Shepherd & Coley McCabe

Thom is the reigning TRMA Songwriter of the Year. Originally from St. Louis, MO, he is the writer of two number one country hits, “Riding with Private Malone” and “Redneck Yacht Club,” three Texas Music number ones, has had over 100 songs recorded by other artists, two songs on Grammy nominated albums, and multiple top ten hits nationwide and in Texas. He is a former CMA of Texas Songwriter of the Year and appears in “The Parrot Heads Documentary” with Jimmy Buffett and the new independent film “Chasing The Sun.”   His song “Always Saturday Night” is played constantly on Radio Margaritaville.

Coley’s song “Grow Young With You” was featured in the Natalie Portman / Ashley Judd film, “Where The Heart Is,” and she co-wrote the top 5 Platinum-selling SheDaisy hit “Lucky 4 U.” She hails from West Virginia and has had songs recorded by artists ranging from Bill Anderson to Loretta Lynn. She also starred in the film “Alabama Love Story.”