Scooter Rentals


Scooter rentals for cruise, hotel and air travel can benefit anyone who gets tired after walking or has pain when walking. Customers looking to rent a travel scooter have three options: Standard, Heavy Duty or Bariatric. All mobility scooters for rent have three wheels for easier maneuverability, although four-wheel scooters are available upon request and on limited availability. Standard and Heavy Duty scooters can fit through most standard-sized cruise staterooms and hotel rooms; the Bariatric mobility scooters can only fit in wheelchair accessible cabins. All scooter rentals are steered using a bicycle-style handlebar (or tiller). Scooters may be used indoors or outdoors. The maximum weight capacity for motor scooter rentals is as follows: Standard Scooters - 249 lbs.; Heavy Duty Scooters - 349 lbs.; Bariatric scooters - 500 lbs.

To get a price quote on a scooter wheelchair rental for your cruise, hotel, or air travel at any of our locations around the world, please contact us at 1-800-491-8503